The Fatherhood of God

Photograph taken during the interval of “The Railway Children” at the Railway museum, York.

On my birthday my wife and I went to see a production of the Railway Children at the Railway Museum in York. This was extremely well done and featured a real train. The end scene where Bobbie’s father arrives at the station and she runs to him always gets to me and did this time as well. I enclose a youtube link from the 1970s film so you can see what I mean;

It is just the meeting on the station which is relevant to this blog rather thanthe whole clip.
This set me thinking about the Fatherhood of God and how we should see Him as someone we would want to run to and be embraced by.
As a contrast have a look at the youtube clip of God from Monty Python and the Holy Grail where God is presented as a rather grumpy old man in the sky;

An image of god we’d be more likely to run from.

From the Gospels, particularly John’s, we get an even clearer picture of the Fatherhood of God and that the nature of that Fatherhood is shown in Jesus.
We have that most famous verse of John 3; 16. For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life.” and in John 14: 9 where Jesus says “Whoever has me has seen the Father.” and that great assurance of John 20: 17 where Jesus says to Mary Magdalene I am ascending to my Father and your Father.

I am aware that not everyone has had a good experience of Fatherhood, my own father was largely absent from my life, and some of those experiences are absolutely dreadful. In modern terms I could say if that was the case then “You was robbed!” and what you didn’t have from your earthly father you can more than have in your Heavenly Father.
In Psalm 68: 5 God is described as “A Father to the fatherless.” The one who undoes what was damaged and makes new what was broken.

As a last offering look at the youtube clip “The Fathers Song” by Jaimie Owens-Collins;

and particularly the line;
“How many times I have longed just to hold you and protect you from the pain the world can give, but you run every time I get near you, can’t you see I want to teach you how to live.”
and then finish by saying the Lord’s Prayer. Amen