Plug for a little gem of a BBC TV series – Broken

Broken stars Sean Bean as the Catholic Priest Father Michael Kerrigan, a priest full of self doubt but who loves the Lord and wants to serve God and his community.  The series is written by Jimmy McGovern and has some gritty realism around contemporary issues.  When I first watched it I wondered how it would treat things Catholic.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It reminds me of all those priests and nuns who quietly work in parishes all around the country.

It reminds me of those statements fairly average Christians make such as;

I am not perfect, God hasn’t finished with me yet.

I am not Christ, merely his representative and a poor one at that.

For all my faults and failings, I still love the Lord.

God is bigger than our circumstances.

Sean Bean does an excellent job of portraying Father Michael, who tries to do good and be there for everyone, but is only human at the end of the day.  He tries to help people in need, resolve conflicts through discussion and achieve social justice.  He remains true to his vocation, even if he bends the rules a bit.  He strikes me as the kind of priest about whom there would be “Letters to the Bishop”.  Some priests regard letters to the Bishop as a badge of honour, it shows you are challenging your congregation – this is something Father Michael does with humility.

The series is still available on BBC I-player for another 15 days or on DVD if you prefer.

Here’s a trailer from youtube.