One day the Lord will take me home

From time to time I contemplate my own mortality and the inescapable fact that one day my life here will come to an end and I wonder what that will be like.

I include a youtube clip from “Watership Down” when Lord Frith comes for Hazel.

Warning – Hankies at the ready, well it always makes me cry.  It is however an example of a good death in the fullness of years, even though it is from a story about rabbits.

The clip I had used was withdrawn for copyright reasons so I’ve had to use this one, breeze on to 3 minutes 22 seconds for the ending.

Of course I can’t choose the nature of my own death.  It may come suddenly and without warning.  It may be through accident or disease.  I may or may not be conscious.

I pray that I will be ready and recognise the Lord or his angel when he comes, if in the manner of Elgar’s “Dream of Gerontius”.  Oblique reference Jude: vs 9

The Lord Jesus may come back before this and then all of us will be taken up as it says in 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-18.  What a day that would be!!!

Some Notes on this clip from “Watership Down” as an allegory

  1.  Hazel recognises his Lord when he comes for him, not at first but then with delight, reverence and awe.
  2. Hazel is ready to go but casts a look around at his children and dependents.  That is those he will leave behind.
  3. Hazel is assured that they will be alright.
  4. Hazel lays down and dies, his soul/spirit leaves his body and rejoices in the company of his Lord.
  5. In addition to these observations there looks like there is a sermon in there about persecution.

Here’s another link about Cardinal John Henry Newman’s poem “The Dream of Gerontius.


Oh dear, it’s a bit complicated.  I think I prefer the rabbits.

P.S. I have done other posts about purgatory and they are much simpler.