Following on from the last blog and the scripture “To have seen me is to have seen the Father” John 14; 9, I was wondering about the nature of parenthood. If we see the Fatherhood of God in Jesus can we also see the image of our own parenthood in our children. Plainly yes, as we can also see the parenthood of our parents reflected in us. I often find myself saying something and hearing my mother’s voice. This would not be with the same perfection as we see in the trinity, often far from it, but it perhaps shows us something of the mystery of God’s parenthood as we are made in His image and therefore can image something of Him.
In discussions on family life this scripture is often quoted; “Children be obedient to your parents, because that is what will please the Lord.” Colossians 3; 20.
This verse is accompanied by another, in verse 21 it says “Parents, never drive your children to resentment or you will make them feel frustrated.”
This would seem to make the obedience of the children conditional on the reasonableness of what the parents are asking of them. Even if the children don’t see it like that at the time, especially during those teenage years when it’s not easy being a teenager or a parent for that matter. I can remember discussions with my daughter when because I had said “No” she said I wasn’t listening to her. I would say I was listening and the answer was still “No”. Maybe I should have tried an approach I found in a book called “Catholics Come Home” by Tom Peterson. It uses the feel, felt, found technique. It goes something like this:
1.“Feel” – I know how you feel (I hear what your saying)
2.“Felt” – I felt the same way at one time (I used to think/believe that)
3.“Found” – But after studying the catechism/scripture I found that Jesus’ teaching on that subject makes perfect sense. As a parent with a teenager that may mean saying ” I love you and it is in your best interest that I say “No”.
Still not easy but perhaps a more compassionate and reasoned response.
As a devotion have a look at this youtube clip “Father God I wonder…”

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